Rent a Finance Director or Financial Manager

Our service is affordable and cost-effective for businesses. The cost is the same or even cheaper than in direct hiring without any risk of direct employment. A fixed pension and social security fee by 38.5% will be added to the agreed pay, including all the costs of employment. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period with the notice of termination under the contract. Please check out our contract terms.

Our Finance Expertise specialize in offering a bespoke and flexible part- or full-time solutions that matches your exact requirements, so you pay for only what you need. As an owner or business leader you are constantly thinking about all aspects of your business. There are always questions that need answering, decisions that need making and sometimes you wish you could just get on with running your business and have someone else take care of the financials.

A good Finance Director and Financial Manager can do that and much more. And a part-time Finance Director and Financial Manager bring a huge amount of experience and skill to your business for a fraction of the cost of a full-time head.










Improve cashflow, funding and cost control

It’s important to ensure that you have sufficient cash – or access to cash – in order to avoid a cash crunch. Cash comes in from customers and goes out to pay for expenses, including inventory. When thinking about cash inflows from operations, it may be helpful to remember that it is not a measure of revenues. It is important to know how much cash a business has on hand, how much cash a business generates and how much cash business needs to run operations.

Finance management and expertise are well versed in dealing with banks, customers and suppliers. They know the tricks that customers try to use to slow down payments and how to manage payments to suppliers. Finance expertise are comfortable having those difficult conversations and it can often help that it is Finance function rather than the business dealing with these issues.














Help prepare for the future, and ensure adequate finance is in place

Everybody want their business to grow and a Finance Director will be able to help you plan for this. Finance Director can input into strategies to achieve the growth you want, and can also prepare financial models and to forecast and outlook what that growth would look like. This can be used to ensure that the appropriate finance is in place to fund growth.















Improve your business performance and profits

An experienced Finance Director will know how to analyze your figures, will spot trends, identify anomalies and be able to use this information to change your business for the better. Detailed analysis can help identify cost savings or highlight areas of your business that are less profitable and how to improve this.

















Finance expertise for your business

Free your time, create extra value and free yourself from dealing with the financials and use that time to create more value using your skills and experience in other areas of the business. Let Finance expertise take care of the financials. The goal of any finance function is to achieve at least following three benefits: business support service, effective cost level in business and effective controls of the environment. The conventional view of finance focuses on being reactive, efficient quantitative and risk averse. New innovative views focus on being vision-oriented opportunity and growth focused intuitive and risk-taking.