CFM Services Oy is committed to customer-oriented customer service. This customer service policy defines what this commitment means to us and to our customers.

Our company is based on honest, appropriate and timely communication and service to our customers. We provide as much information as possible to help our customers make the right and timely decisions to achieve commonly set goals.

We do not offer or try to do a job for which we do not have the necessary skills or abilities. However, we strive to assist our clients in finding such skills or resources when specifically agreed upon on a case-by-case basis.

We comply with our ethics guidelines for delivering our services. Our decision-making process works in a professional and agreed way, and the fees and service charges we receive do not have any impact. We are honestly and transparently discussing our assignment fees with the relevant client company.

We create confidential and friendly partnerships with our customers and their employees, ensuring that the flow of information works effectively.

We will process all requests and complaints fairly and politely within two working days.

In order to provide you with the best service, we ask you to provide us with all the information we need to help your business. If you feel that we have not been able to meet these standards or if you have any suggestions or inquiries, please contact us by phone +358 40 5869 341 or by email at