Our Accounting Management and Chief Accountant Services are designed for the companies, who think that they do not need a full-time Chief Accountant. We provide a professional Accounting Management Service as a purchase service with a cost-effective and flexible service agreement and more affordable than direct employment.

If a company has still their own accounting staff we are then ready to take over the management role of that team and streamline the accounting processes to make sure they are the best for the company and also the most cost effective.

In case a company has already outsourced their accounting tasks we can then take over the management and control role of the outsourced accounting operations together with accounting service provider. In this case we will make sure that the processes and communication work and that all needs will be met.

Benefit for you and the company is that our experienced accounting management service is cheaper and more flexible than the full-time hired Chief Accountant. And at the same time you can also receive some other benefits from our professional finance team.

In case our client wants to outsource their accounting procedures we are able to offer that through our Authorized Accounting Firm Partner.

The title of Chief Accountant is quite self explanatory. The Chief Accountant or Accounting Manager is the head of the accounting department. The Chief Accountant leads the whole accounting team and they can also lead the outsourced team of accountants together with service provider.

Our service can also provide payroll management support. Payroll management is usually one of the first processes that a company considers outsource. We provide a service, which includes the processes in administration, reporting and compliance of a company’s payroll together with the payroll service provider.

If you are interested in to know more of our Accounting Management Services ja you think that it could be suitable for your business please call us or email to schedule a meeting.